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1180 Republican Cucks


Republicans have no ideology, nor anyone to promote it. No taxes; no abortion; is the only thing that separates them from Democrats. They don't have a plan to fight back against the encroachment of egalitarianism, nor do they even seem to be looking for one. The Republican party apparatus has a heavy NeoCon component that prefers authoritarianism, even Fascism; it needs to realign to support MAGA. Republicans also have no civilian organizations acting in their behalf, neither overtly nor covertly. Where’s their Antifa or BLM or Davos or SPLC or “fact checkers” or anything? They’ve completely lost the media, even letting Fox News go over to the other side. The election was a fraud yet where were the majority of Republicans in those States calling it out? Republicans lost the Senate because they drove off the Trumpers. At least half of Republicans are Covidians. There’s no charitable way to say this: Republicans are cucks.

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