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1179 Teddy Roosevelt


President Theodore Roosevelt is my personal role model but he could never have been elected today. It's hard to go back 100 years and figure out the wisdom of Americans: read Teddy Roosevelt's biography, it's like something alien. At the time he was the most famous man in the world: riding up San Juan Hill with a troop he assembled and led in the only successful cavalry charge in history against an entrenched position with guns, his horse was shot out from under him, and both men to either side were killed. TR lost and buried his son while in Ecuador searching for the source of the Amazon, and ultimately died of the Yellow Fever he contracted there. Teddy’s progressive 10-point political platform from his Bull Moose days has since been fully adopted in the U.S. His hunting collection was the start of the Museum of Natural History. He established, organized, and funded the Conservation movement. His face is on Mt. Rushmore. What more proof do you need?

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