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1178 Biden Illegitimate


Joe Biden is not a legitimate president because his election was illegitimate. Trump lost by election fraud supported by constant MSM propaganda causing TDS in the majority of the population so that they chose to look the other way while the Never-Trumpers, Tech & The Swamp ignored the evidence. They only needed to target 4 counties to get the Electoral College, 4 States that Trump WON the 1st time. It’s pretty clear now that was the intent of “mail in” votes; they need votes, mail them in. Just look at the votes mysteriously dropped in the wee hours of the morning: Trump was ahead by 800K, 300K & 100K, and coincidentally, in each State Biden got just the number he needed. In fact, it was close to 100% votes for Biden; not even any write-ins candidates got votes, which is impossible. And GA had 40K ballots by 16-year olds, and another 160K by felons, 100-year olds, PO boxes, late registration & out-of-State votes. Amazingly, after the successful soft coup Time magazine admitted there was “a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election - an extraordinary shadow effort [that] touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time.” Trump got more votes than any sitting president in history yet we are to believe that a demented old fool with his hand in the cookie jar with empty rallies and an inability to speak got 10 million more than that? Credit to the CIA, or whoever rigged this thing: well done.

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