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1175 OWG Dupes


The Left has no use for old white guys, OWGs, except to use them as dupes, especially when it comes to obfuscating the true intentions of Leftism: for example, Gun Control is an obvious cover for gun confiscation but the OWGs in the Democrat party continually deny it. Another example: feminists are pretty honest about their intentions to assume superiority but for tactical reasons they let their OWGs be duplicitous about equality. Same thing with Critical Race Theory, Marxism, and hoaxes like Climate Alarmism & Lockdowns: it's always the Democrat OWGs running interference. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to admit to themselves what Leftism’s true intentions are? Or perhaps they’re motivated by mischief, malevolence, or even masochism? Do they know that if they win, OWGs are going to be the losers no matter what their past actions were: toadies will be shackled right along with everyone else. It’s been pointed out to them time-and-again that they’re dupes but they must like it that way?

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