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1174 The Left vs. Everything


Though both the Left and the Right are authoritarian, they are generally distinguishable as the losers or the winners in society: the status quo vs. those who want to be. The Right is normally in control because feudalism works; however, when inequality gets bad enough, resentment & despair will swell the ranks of the Left until they threaten the established order, eventually toppling it, but only lasting until the fundamental weakness of their egalitarian ideology causes an inevitable disintegration of society, which is then again picked back up by the Right. In the meantime, while the Left is making their play for power, all values are turned upside-down. It’s the Left vs. the Constitution: constrained speech; the Left vs. medicine: sex is a social construct; the Left vs. merit: diversity hiring; the Left vs. Science: censor conflicting facts; the Left vs. progress: environmental alarmism; the Left vs. math: 2 + 2 = 5; the Left vs. personal responsibility: the state provides; the Left vs. men: toxic masculinity; the Left vs. religion: denigrate morals. Basically, it’s the Left vs. everything.

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