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1161 Childcare Sharing Economy


America has huge pent up capacity for sharing because we have so much of everything: products, places, time, grandparents. There are Sharing Economy apps to utilize underused assets, like cars, sports equipment, odd jobs, home exchanges, most anything you can imagine. Most of these will fail because they aren’t commercial or just can't get enough folks to sign up but the concept is good. At the same time, childcare expenses have become insurmountable for most families, and it’s per child. Communal child-rearing is how children were raised for millennia, and it used to be grandparents would watch the kids, but America is very mobile, and many families don’t have that option. However, there are still lots of grandparents around that can be shared using an app: available & willing grandparents could tend someone else’s grandkids, trading their time for their own grandkids somewhere else. The vetting process would be thorough but not onerous, and government would have to remove any restrictions, then other institutions would jump on the bandwagon. Sharing childcare is just the kind of thing technology can solve.

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