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1159 Emigrating


There’s lots of talk about immigration, spelled with an “i,” with millions of migrants wanting to come into the U.S. yearly, but there’s also emigration, spelled with an “e,” from the U.S., where people go to live in some other country, usually because it’s less expensive, but also to escape something: politics, legal entanglements, family. The number is not very large, only 3-5 million total American expatriates, and many of those are only temporary: less than 5,000 former Americans a year actually renounce their citizenship, usually for tax reasons. Retirees are the biggest emigrant cohort with many choosing Central American countries as their final destination, often settling in some walled-in White community living off their savings. Unfortunately, most Americans take for granted a Protestant work ethic and the integrity & punctuality that comes with it, so are surprised when they find out the rest of the world does not share those values. The whole concept of so-called “White Supremacy:” conscientiousness, courtesy, ambition; is not a part of other cultures; it’s an American privilege. Many an aspiring U.S. emigrant, spelled with an “e,” soon learns why there are so many aspiring U.S., spelled with an “i,” immigrants.

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