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1158 Legalize Drugs


Most people don’t understand why so many choose to use drugs. Who but a drug user would be able to answer? Maybe someone who tried drugs, had a fabulous experience but decided not to do it again because they didn’t have the willpower to stop; they would know people use drugs because of the euphoria it gives them. For all the hand-wringing about the importance of “happiness,” drug users have it, at least while they’re high. Everyone else should be happy that they’re happy. There’s a twilight area where drug use & sales could be a misdemeanor at the court’s discretion: that keeps them from being commercialized, gives people a reason not to use them, and leaves little room for extortion & crime because so what if the police know. If drugs are only pseudolegal, there would be no big business, no creating a customer base, no advertising, no online campaigns run by algorithms to get people to take more. Folks growing dope & poppies in their backyard is a whole lot different than corporate controlled marijuana farms and mass-manufactured food items containing it. The argument against legalizing drugs is that society pays, but society pays one-way-or-the-other.

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