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1155 Civil Asset Forfeiture


Criminal Asset Forfeiture requires someone to be convicted of a crime before government authorities can seize their assets but Civil Asset Forfeiture is when government seizes assets before there is even a charge, and the victim can only get the assets back by suing the government in Civil court at their own expense, and rarely win if they do. There are many cases of people not accused of a crime having their cash taken from them with no explanation given: it’s never even recorded: the story is that it’s split among the officers in the police department. Civil Asset Forfeiture makes police into little more than state-sponsored highwaymen: legalized thievery at the point of a gun. According to the DOJ, the justification for civil forfeiture is “revenue for law enforcement.” How this doesn’t violate the Forth & Eight Amendments of The Constitution, which protect against government seizures, can only be explained by the U.S. Supreme Court since 84% of Americans oppose Civil Asset Forfeiture. Since the Supreme Court won’t act, 3 states have abolished it and 35 have reformed it, which still leaves 12 states that continue this unpopular & unethical practice, that for some strange, inexplicable reason, is legal?

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