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1154 Bad Laws


Bad laws are laws that breed contempt for all laws. These are the unenforced laws, selectively enforced laws, and laws that simply can’t be enforced. People are also suspicious of all the new laws every year: how come? Society did just fine with last year’s laws, same for laws a decade ago; there’s even a compelling argument that laws made a century ago are better than today’s laws. Everyone knows there’s so many laws nobody even keeps track of them so the whole system has been gamed by lobbyists for laws written just for them: those are truly bad laws. Worst are the laws that turn a large portion of the population into de facto lawbreakers: drug laws top that list. Drug use can’t be prevented without making a huge portion of the population into criminals, especially with such arbitrary rules where a state can decriminalize marijuana but the Feds can still prosecute. Gun laws are another example: our society is based on guns so stop making law-abiding citizens unlaw-abiding. Then, of course, there’s tax laws: most people pay none, both rich & poor, leaving everyone else to be a law-breaker any chance they get.

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