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1140 Oral Illusion Tactics


You must be able to identify your problems & your enemies succinctly with words, which is why torturing the language & redefining words is such an effective tactic, it’s an Oral Illusion that distracts you from what’s happening. The technique works because it takes time for new words with the old definitions to emerge, and during that time activists can exploit people’s preconceptions and inferred knowledge: for example, they say only white people can be racist, so all previously written books, plays, movies, and public discourse that use the word “racist” are henceforth only talking about white people; and since black people have no word for those same actions, they must not be doing them. Consider the Western culture concepts of conscientiousness, punctuality, courtesy, integrity & ambition which provide its citizens a better life than other societies: that’s White Supremacy. Another tactic is to change goals: for example, we are a liberty society where people reap the rewards of their own actions and become unequal because of it, but the goal of egalitarianism is for people to be equal in all things, so if a particular race does not have the same percentage of dog ownership, then owning a dog is racist. Oral Illusion tactics have obviously been very successful.

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