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1137 Truth & Troll


Trolling online is very entertaining if done correctly, and it can also be used to impart information without being condescending or obsequious. If truth is the basis of a troll, readers come away with new insights while being amused in the process. It’s the kind of thing where you say, “I’m joking” at the end but you’re not really, you just say that to relieve interpersonal tensions. Nobody likes to be told what to do, and most people are embarrassed by compliments, so making conversation online in the form of a troll works to alleviate both. For example, if someone is good at something, it’s uncouth to be viewed as a toady, so compliments are turned into a troll that on the surface seems insulting; i.e. calling them a crude name, but it’s easily discerned as the opposite. Similarly, making a statement that appears to agree with the opposition but is so obviously false that it instead exposes the ridiculousness or hypocrisy; i.e. “Sweden, Norway & Denmark lifted all COVID restrictions because they want to kill people,” or “Unvaxxed doctors & nurses are stupid.” Troll truth is the best truth.

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