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1136 Fragile Ego


Everybody has a fragile ego, some more than others. It comes from people’s natural inferiority complex: the subliminal sense that they are frauds and that the real achievers can tell. Often their fear is justified in reality which creates extremely fragile egos. However, the real difference is between those who have healthy self-awareness vs. the narcissists who think everything is about them and want control. Healthy people can accept their shortcomings and work to avoid or improve them, but mentally ill people, an ever-growing cohort in these social media times, always focus on anyone & anything but themselves. People who criticize is also a sign of a fragile ego, and of course those same people don’t like to be criticized. To test if you have a fragile ego, consider how you respond when you’re insulted: do you ignore it or do you get baited away from the point under discussion. People who project like to claim I have a fragile ego but I’ve been blocked more, shut down more threads, driven more people off the Internet than anyone I know of: proof that least fragile ego wins.

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