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1134 Wikipedia Compromised


The idea of Wikipedia was a great one: a free online encyclopedia where experts on a topic could explain it and other experts could add to or correct until the description was perfect. It got so good that Wiki links could be cited in professional journals, or at least the references from the Wiki page. The first decade of Wikipedia was indicative of the benefits of worldwide interconnectivity & information sharing: a shining light on a hill. Alas, the days of trusting Wikipedia are gone: it’s now as politically compromised as all media & institutional authorities. One only need read entries on “Proud Boys” or “Donald Trump” to see political biases that cancel any redeeming informational value. Wiki’s excuse for this exploitation is that “anybody can make edits,” as if there were an army on both sides changing and re-changing erroneous entries. The fact is that online resources are predominately Left, and that includes the Wiki moderators. In fact, the co-founder of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger, has publicly stated that he’s embarrassed at the politicization of his brainchild, saying it “has abandoned the neutral point-of-view, and ruining what it was meant to be,” and everybody agrees except the Left.

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