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Many YouTube channels rely on advertisers who invoke fear to sell their products: food storage, survival gear, gold, and worst of all: VPNs, Virtual Private Network software that claims to keep your time on the internet anonymos. At least the others sell you something tangible but the VPN folks prey on ignorance. Unless everyone is on a VPN, it’s a farce: your Internet provider can recognize a VPN, and an AI can easily compute the odds of who is using it. They don't have to crack your encrypted data to know what it is; they just have to know it exists and watch where the traffic goes: after a while, an AI will find all your previous history, identify all the people using a VPN at a particular time, and match up to you. It used to be you could use a TOR browser which had anonymous IPs and hide among all the pirate traffic & porn, but government forcing sites to register their IP has really made staying anonymous difficult for average people. When I was in China traveling across country in a truck, nobody knew I existed but every time I fired up a VPN on my laptop, a message popped up on my screen: the Chinese interpreter with us said it warned I would be arrested, and the message included the current location of my truck to prove they meant it.

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