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1081 Economics is Psychiatry


Most of the world is productive, the U.S. exceedingly so; we produce far more than we need, we have for at least a century, and it's increasing. Even if only 10% of the population worked, we could continue along as we are indefinitely. This success is the direct result of Capitalism, but that also leads to individuals accumulating way, way more than they could ever need under any circumstances: what can a billionaire possible do with another billion dollars to improve their quality of life? Inevitably, extremely wealthy dynasties begin catering to their vanity, using their power in sociopathic ways: manipulating elections, subserviating others, and establishing a new world order with them deciding what that is. However, why would 10% of the population work if they didn't have to? How long before the resentment of them working while no one else was cause them to either consider themselves elite or exploited? Without ambition, envy & greed, why would anyone do anything difficult or with a low likelihood of success? And even if no one had to work because of Star Trek-level replicators, transporters & AIs; how long before idleness simply turned into perversity? Idle hands have destructive tendencies. Economics is not a science but psychiatry is.

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