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1079 Failed State


From a male pov, America has become a failed state: government is ineffectual, Capitalism has betrayed them, and the dominance hierarchy is broken. What’s left of their culture, customs & traditions is under attack, and there’s no way to fight back because all the levers of power have been lost. The so-called Patriarchy: liberty, meritocracy & patriotism, are all in steep decline. and the nation seems to be rapidly descending into chaos. However, from the perspective of feminists, minorities & weirdos, America is heading in the right direction because the egalitarian authoritarianism of Communism benefits them. If you’ve been on the losing side then The Enlightenment doesn’t seem so enlightened. Plus, to altruists, a society that focuses on the weak & ineffectual is more satisfying because it takes the pressure off to succeed themselves. This divide between viewing the U.S. as a failed state vs. an imagined utopia will continue until either males rebel, which history shows is unlikely, it’s the women who rebel and men just carry the pitchforks; or utopia is actually reached, at least from a female pov; or chaos.

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