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1078 Incels


Due to hookup apps like Tinder, society is back to the top 20% of the guys getting all the girls multiple times, and the rest getting nothing. Because of this, an alarming number of young men, 28% of ages 18-30, are involuntarily celibate, so-called “incels.” It’s not difficult to see why, the majority of males are immature pre-adolescents even into their late teens: their balls never dropped; they have no testosterone; they are essentially girls physically. Being an incel isn’t the male’s fault, it’s been a problem in other societies, and why Mongol hoards rode across the Steppes to conquer mud-hut villages: so they could rape the women. To prevent that, societies enforced monogamy, adopted arranged marriages, discouraged sex before marriage, and there was religious indoctrination to get married. But it’s a female world now and they don’t want to go back to any of that male-dominance stuff. In their world, should they want a baby, there’s lots of test tubes and a catalog of sperm in the freezer. And should by unfortunate chance they have a male baby, they’ll raise that child as an incel too. Unfortunately, in another generation, America will not be able to defend itself against Mongols.

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