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1077 The Future is Female


If society continues going like it’s going, women will completely dominate, just as men did a century ago. During the 50-year transition, men were indoctrinated into believing that what women wanted was equality but women achieved parity with men decades ago, have surpassed them by most metrics, and have no intention of stopping. Women are well past equal in law, medicine, management, entertainment, education, politics, and just about every other status-oriented field. Democrat leadership is dominated by women, and Republicans increasingly so. Republican women side with Democrats on “women’s issues.” Wives will vote for women's interests over their husband's. Feminist slogans should be enough evidence of their intentions: “It’s our turn now,” “Girl power,” “The future is female.” Feminism’s most successful tactic is to constantly reiterate their victim status even with overwhelming evidence of their superiority, the excuse being that making up for the past is one of the goals of equality today. There’s nothing that can stop women’s successful quest for dominance except men who don’t even seem worthy to do so any longer; just ask a woman.

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