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1075 Emasculation


The question of why to remake a famous male-centric movie with female leads is confusing? The prepared answer from the Media is that it makes money but there are so many examples where the result is actually a commercial embarrassment; why not just make original female-centric movies? Because there’s a more sinister reason for the “Jane Wick” movies, at least as viewed from a masculine perspective, the cultural terrorists want to replace male stereotypes and role-models with female ones; they aren’t interested in simply creating their own. It’s an insidious emasculation of boys financed by Communists and the ex-wives of billionaires. The Harvard Business Review frankly states “Women now drive the world economy,” and they are using their power to even the playing field, which essentially means blunting the competitive advantage boys have due to testosterone. Feminists intend to stunt the maturity of boys, leaving them in a perpetual state of puberty before the male dominance hierarchy turns them into men. That means getting rid of masculinity triggers, entertainment being the most visible, but also in school & sports. This plan has already been underway for a generation: one need only compare 18-year boy-men with 18-year old men of past generations. Unless something happens to stop the emasculation, boys will be girls.

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