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1074 Equity


Equity, also known as equal-pay-for-equal work, hides in the sheep’s clothing of same-pay-for-same-work but is decidedly more insidious and certainly more hypocritical. Equity is the idea that nurses are equal to engineers and should be paid the same. It falls under the egalitarian umbrella: that effort, not outcome, should dictate reward; and that fairness requires giving special consideration to the unfortunate. You can tell how hypocritical these people are because they never argue that pizza delivery drivers: who work just as long as nurses, try just as hard as nurses, and certainly have been unfortunate considering what they do for a living; are equal to nurses and should get paid the same. Apparently, equity only works in the up direction. People who espouse egalitarian ideas, the basis of Marxism, for their own selfish interests don’t even understand their ideology, or perhaps their envy & greed overwhelms their logic because there are no some-people-are-worth-more-than-others in an egalitarian society. To remain consistent with egalitarian ideals where everything is equal, everyone’s pay should be equal, even those who don’t work, and certainly pizza delivery drivers.

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