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1072 Critical Race Theory


When those that believe government is responsible for you are critiquing those who believe you are responsible for yourself, they use a line of attack called “Critical Theory,” a debate strategy developed in Germany in the 1930s drawing on the ideas of Karl Marx. CRT claims that white supremacy and racial power are maintained primarily via the law, and propose to change the law, including The Constitution, to reflect their equality-based value system. Any complaint about anything perceived as inequitable is attributed to racism. This claim has confused Americans who thought race was essentially skin-color, but the definition of “racism” has been expanded to include any situation, person, or thing that generates an inequality. The CRT solution is to use the law to enforce equality, which can be achieved by giving to the “oppressed” race, or by taking from the “privileged” race. Of course this runs smack into the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which specifically prohibits discrimination based on race, but the majority don’t seem to care, and America does uses voting to decide these things.

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