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1057 Empathy Last


Egalitarians have goals almost entirely opposite the pursuit of liberty: equality vs. merit, responsibility for others vs. being responsible for yourself, and decisions are made by elites vs. making your own. They also have an opposite value set, which can be easily identified by words like “happiness,” “equity” & “empathy:” feelings over facts. Empathy is by far the worst because it reverses responsibility: it’s up to you to show more empathy and only others can tell you if it’s enough; as compared to sympathy, where you make the determination whether or not you want to be sympathetic. Similarly, being compassionate is deciding to help but it’s still up to you, whereas empathy has an expectation that you must help: from each according to their ability, to each according to their need. The egalitarians have been very successful in pushing the empathy narrative: it’s the focus of healthcare, social services and now politics: a president can be despised, given no respect, treated as an enemy, if he doesn’t show the proper amount of empathy, as determined by the hive-mind. Police are even expected to show empathy: putting criminals in charge. Empathy is a brutal club used to beat conscientious, non-confrontational, liberty-minded people into submission; it works because it’s an ugly distortion of traditional religious teachings. It’s not a coincidence that the word “empathy” was coined around the same time as Communism started to take hold of the world.

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