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1039 Post Liberty


Liberty has been lost though most people haven’t noticed, and apparently don’t care. If you asked a random person on the street what liberty was, they couldn’t tell you: reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences of your own decisions. Given that there’s at least two generations who have no concept of personal responsibility, liberty doesn’t fit anymore anyway. It will take decades for the loss of liberty to be felt, primarily as a declining standard of living because liberty was the most effective method of advancing knowledge, science & commerce. What’s left after liberty is authoritarianism: Marxists, as exemplified by Democrats, are authoritarians with public Elites in charge; Fascists, NeoCons, are authoritarians with private Elites in charge; and Theists are authoritarians with God in charge. The grasping of power by feminists, minorities & weirdos, a majority of the voting population, facilitated by propaganda media; the perverse incentives of the Welfare State, and the emasculation of men, define Post Liberty times.

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