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1029 Spread of Egalitarianism


The age-old haves vs. have-nots battle plays out differently in America than it does in the rest of the world because egalitarian authoritarianism was held in check here by liberty. For centuries in America, though there were challenges from both the aristocracy and the egalitarians, liberty remained dominate, but now the authoritarians have ganged up and put liberty on the defensive. What they have in common is women, and women finally got into positions of power to make a deal to pursue equality. Men let it happen, not because they were fooled or intimidated, but because they didn’t want to argue with their daughters, or have conflict with their wives. Slowly all institutions were compromised: Media, Education, Entertainment, Tech, and the entire Democrat party. At first only the coastal cities succumbed but the egalitarian infection expanded from there when liberty-minded men moved to the interior and took their wives & daughters with them. Without newly indoctrinated libertyists, as the men age out, everyplace will be the same, but certainly not equal: that’s the excruciating irony.

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