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1028 Commie Takeover


America is hip deep in a Communist takeover; almost everyone on the Left Coast is already captured, and they don’t even acknowledge it. I called what used to be a normal guy, a “Commie sympathizer” and he denied America was going that way. I said, “Dude, you're wearing a mask in your car, you can't travel, you can't leave the country, there's a $28 trillion debt, people can't work, if you do work you can be Cancelled, you get turned in by your neighbors, children are told to snitch on their family, and government has new "domestic terrorism" powers to lock people up who say anything about it: what do you call ‘Communist?’" I keep hearing this Communist uprising compared to those of the past, most of which eventually succeeded. Pro-Commie commentators use that track record to ask why prolong the inevitable, though they never mention that those uprisings were all against unarmed populaces. The attack on the 2nd Amendment by the Left was always about gun confiscation but they couldn’t say it, so they kept repeating silly & illogical arguments instead. But guns won’t be enough, not to stop the Communist takeover because the stream of Commie sympathizers would have to be quelled, but with our education system churning them out, the supply isn’t going to dissipate.

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