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1020 Rebel Leadership


People who believe in liberty are not a silent majority: if questioned closely, most are either egalitarians or aristocrats. Standing on freeway overpasses waving American flags may let others know they are not alone but it isn’t actually doing anything to change the momentum towards authoritarianism. Liberty has essentially lost; it’s return would be the equivalent to a rebellion, and it’s very difficult to see where the rebel leadership would come from? The two political parties are controlled by Marxists or Fascists, neither of which are conducive to liberty, and democracy prevents any kind of grassroots endeavor. That leaves only the ultra-wealthy as liberty’s saviors, and the vast majority of them have already picked an anti-liberty side, or simply choose to remain aloof because their lives won’t be affected no matter who wins. However, if there was a billionaire out there who was willing to risk their wealth & reputation fighting for liberty, Elon Musk for example, there are the tactics he could pursue. Elon would need to find other exorbitantly wealthy liberty people who could be converted to the cause then with their combined mega-wealth, because they would be competing with mega-wealth that defeated liberty, they could create a hedge fund to purchase a majority ownership in the media, news & entertainment then green-light movies, actors & talk shows that espouse liberty ideology to the masses. Secondly, they would have to finance an intense propaganda campaign for school vouchers. All along the way they’d have to finance Libertyist candidates, even though at first none would win, just so the voters start hearing about it again. This is essentially the same plan The Left executed so well except it’s not China doing the financing.

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