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1019 Strategy Against Communists


The quest for equality is egalitarian, which is the basis of Marxism. Egalitarians may not be complete Marxists yet but they inevitably end up Communists as the only way to ensure equality. Here are some things we can do to slow down the Communist juggernaut until we are as organized as they are: • Don't debate with Communists. • Don’t help Communists. • Suspect all news. • Don’t give Communist companies money. • Ignore Communists media & entertainment. • Charge Communists more. • Don’t use Twitter. • Don’t use Google’s search engine. • Unfollow Communists on Facebook. • Leave race & gender information on forms blank. • Act dumb around Communists. Hint: most women and young people are Communists so treat them as such unless they let you know they’re with us.

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