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1016 Shadow Revolt


Irish Democracy is passive resistance to government rules, a perfect tactic to express distaste & disgust with what America has become, but liberty will never be regained by doing nothing. A better approach would be to have a Shadow Revolt. As its name implies, it’s a revolution operating in the shadows: say nothing that gives yourself away, and only mention your intentions to trusted friends; don’t talk about Fake news to the feeble-minded, and walk away if they start to; and support the people who are trying to break through the lies: with votes, with money, or simply defending their good name against vile insult & innuendo. Know that you’re not the only one; there are many of us in the shadows, 75 million at least. Our enemies are the authoritarians: fascists on the right and the egalitarians on the left; who differ only by who they think should be in charge: private elites or public elites: liberty sanctions no elites.

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