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1015 Fighting Back


The enemies of liberty have become overwhelming. For a long time, many of us thought we were only under attack by a small, motivated enemy, but after the Shamdemic, fraudulent presidential election & complete takeover of the media, it's clear we've lost. The only positive news is, at least we know the direness of the situation, and that creates the stark choice rather to fight back or not: for some people no, and for some people yes; it’s time to take sides. For the fighters, we need an evolved strategy, one that adopts some of the winning tactics of our competitors: deplatforming comes immediately to mind; and lying about everything is also easy to get started with; we need a tactical plan. Hundreds of billions of dollars was spent on the takeover: assume everywhere that funding went is infected, and anybody who took some is contagious. Also, if they can lock the world down under manufactured pretenses, we can create some pretense of our own to root out Commies and replace them with Libertyists, just like they’ve been doing to us. Regaining liberty will also take an immense amount of money: unfortunately, most exorbitantly wealthy people follow the "most liberty to the king" model, so that needs to change, probably via confiscatory inheritance taxes. All this brings up Friedrich Nietzsche’s refrain: “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.”

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