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“Make America Great Again” has become the most divisive slogan in history because more than half the nation doesn’t think America was ever great, specifically feminists, minorities & weirdos. From their pov, liberty, meritocracy & patriotism are evil goals, signs of The Patriarchy; and they can’t imagine when a country with those ideals could ever have been great. As an OWG who experienced America’s greatness, I can definitively identify when it occurred: from January 20, 1981, president Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, until September 11, 2001, when America went to war with “terrorism;” barely 20 years, but that was built on a 2-century foundation of getting ready to be great; the components were all there, and the timing was crucial. Firstly, America was still heterogeneous, the scourge of “diversity” hadn't yet collapsed its customs, culture & traditions; higher education still catered primarily to creating productive members of society: engineers, scientists, doctors; egalitarians were kept in check by lingering Cold War propaganda; and optimism about America and future possibilities were at an all-time high. The pendulum was at the peak of the arc, just starting to swing in the direction of anti-Americans; their insidious control was barely perceptible. However, by the turn of the Millennium, the Good Ol’ Days were over but men didn’t know it yet; now they know.

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