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1011 Fraudulent Election


Elections are about numbers: Communist dictator, Josef Stalin, famously said, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count them decide everything.” America had a record high 67% voter turnout in 2020, remarkably during a pandemic. Supposedly, 17 million more people voted than the previous election even though registered voters were only up 2%. Trump received more votes than any sitting president ever, 10 million more than Hillary Clinton in the previous election, and Trump attracted huge rallies, some of the largest in American history, while the Biden campaign often canceled theirs for lack of participation, yet Biden still “won” by over 10 million votes. Also, during the run-up to the election, suspect polling consistently had Biden ahead of Trump by 12 points, which would have been the biggest landslide since FDR won his 3rd term, yet the few polls that were accurate in the 2016 election showed Trump winning again. In the end, Trump also won virtually every bell-weather county yet in the 5 so-called battleground states that Trump won in 2016, key precincts had unverified mail-in ballots swinging 99:1 for Biden: specifically, there were 600,000 votes for Biden and only 3000 for Trump, which is statistically implausible, an overwhelming indication of fraud, yet no courts would even investigate. This was the genesis of Trump’s defeat, something that Stalin knew intimately well.

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