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989 Societal Concepts


There are lots of things to review about society:

  1. Nothing represents the American psyche better than statistics.

  2. It's not a question of if there’s going to be another civil war, only if you'll be on the winning side.

  3. Technology allows for multiple virtual societies to exist simultaneously on the same geography.

  4. No one can predict the future so no choice is any more inscrutable than any other.

  5. Reality TV is a blurry reflection of real reality.

  6. The biggest part of mysticism is the magic.

  7. People are attracted to superheroes because they want to imagine they are one.

  8. Ambition is the defining element of liberty.

  9. McDonald's has had the luck or foresight to surf the wave of relevance.

  10. It doesn't take many revolutionaries to defeat a complacent population.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.

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