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987 McDonald's


Every generation wants new music, new fashion, and new places to shop & eat. That's why the icons of the previous generation, the big department stores, movie theaters, and fast food joints, are disappearing; they have failed to remain hip & relevant. McDonald's was a high-profile aberration of the typical slide into oblivion; they were able to hold on a few generations because they innovated with Playlands, Kid's Meals, worldwide expansion & catchy advertising; but now they seem to be on the edge of the abyss. McDonald's has recently been on the receiving end of some vicious press; the Big Mac has morphed from national icon to a symbol of America's over-indulgence.

You can tell when a business is in decay when the loyal clientele are mostly people from the previous generation. In the mornings, probably because of the free Senior coffee, and quiet & comfortable seating, the only people in McDonald's are retirees conversing together in flocks. McDonald's has taken the place of coffee shops but they can't possibly be making a profit from these customers; it must be the busy drive-thrus keeping the doors open. Because McDonald's now seems vulnerable, the hypercritical trend-mongers smell blood and they're probably going to go for the jugular soon. McD's is headed for some tough times, but so are we all, and we're going to want something familiar to sit it.

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