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984 Mysticism


There isn't necessarily something wrong with a society that thinks it takes magic to protect them and solve their problems, whether it be gods or superheroes, but it does show a distinct lack of maturity. To a child, their parents and family are giants who love & protect them. In a child's mind, the mundane capabilities of these giants seem magical since a child does not yet have understanding of the workings of the world around them. It's natural that this perception would follow them into adulthood, but people waiting for Superman never solve their own problems. Religion is full of magical heroes, with god being the most powerful. It’s not enough to just be exceptional, there has to be magic too; Jesus wasn’t The Savior without the miracles, and Mohammad was just another sage in the desert if he hadn't of moved a mountain or rode a flying horse.

Medicine is also full of magic: chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, aroma therapists, and all other kinds of cures that don’t involve complicated ideas to understand. That is the most significant aspect of mystics, they are simple to understand: magic is a result of magical powers; the answer may be circular & vague but it is short, specific & easy to comprehend. Societies steeped in mysticism have difficulty understanding the world isn’t flat, and without a conscious effort to reorganize their thinking through scientific education, the belief in magic never goes away. If mystical-thinking is not counteracted with critical-thinking, no society will progress much past a king or commune.

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