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954 UBI is Coming


Universal Basic Income, or UBI, as odious as it may be, is an idea whose time as come, and it will only gain ground as there are fewer & fewer jobs untrained people can do. In fact, it's gained academic credibility, and even some presidential candidates have begun basing their campaigns on it; who doesn't want free money? Plus, payments during the virus Lockdown started the ball rolling; it's going to be difficult to pull back from that, especially during distressed economic times.

UBI removes the need to work; besides the consumption vs. production problem, it's psychologically unhealthy. There's a long history of free money with Social Security and Disability, but those normally go to older people who have already had full lives. Young people require purpose; a sense of mission & accomplishment. A society of drones, all feeling entitled & complacent, can't possibly last long because there's nothing worse than the restlessness of the idle. Entertainment is simply a distraction, it doesn't lead to satisfaction; soon, bored & unfulfilled folks will be protesting for something, anything, just to give their lives meaning, however trivial, however counterproductive, however perverse. There's nothing more dangerous to civilization than hordes of privileged youth with nothing to do.

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