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950 Debate by 1000 Cuts


Keep cutting with a razorblade and eventually the oak will fall; even the weakest of debate positions can be won with tenacity & perseverance. Longterm debaters, especially in the political realm, practice Debate by 1000 Cuts. Our political structure is such that issues can be won or lost because it seems too petty, contentious, or tedious to pursue: for example, somebody doesn't like guns so they constantly insist on gun-control. The people who want guns say nothing, they think they've got The Constitution on their side, but the cuts keep coming and coming and coming. Regardless how silly or illogical, a few people convinced at a time will eventually add up to 51%. Climate Change is another of these cut-cut-cut strategies: the Climate Changers don't debate any real solutions, they just continually harangue & fearmonger children about the end of the world. Most of it's nonsense but if you should offhandedly agree with something they are promoting, just to be courteous or fair, next thing, Carbon Trading. “Racism” has also entered the pantheon of cutting horrors; endless trolls repeating the same tired slogans. They’re obviously centrally financed and organized, their tactic transparently one of endless cutting, and if no one pushes back, you will again be judged by the color of your skin rather than the content of your character.

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