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949 Masculine Debate


In my debating experience, which is formidable, the most caustic, hysterical & threatening debate competitors are male. Females may be insulting & antagonistic but they rarely resort to serious name-calling; they may say you’re narcissistic, stupid, or immature but that’s about the extent of their verbal arsenal. Males, on-the-other-hand, will go right at the core of your self-respect; insinuating that you are a liar, cheat, or even a pedophile. Another masculine debate trait is endurance, a male will not back down, and will not let go; they will even stalk you across threads, something females never do.

Whatever the controversy about transism, the ability for biological men to call themselves women, the easiest way to tell online is simply by debating them: biological males, those who grew up with testosterone flowing through their veins, are much more aggressive in their debating technique than biologic females. Another male can recognize masculinity from their lifelong experience in the Male Dominance Hierarchy, which females can’t mimic, or at least, don’t want to. To defeat a transwoman in a debate about transwomen is to first state that men are bullies; the transwoman will agree with you; then continue the debate about the biological differences between men & women. Remain calm but insistent, and when it’s clear that your opponent is bullying you, responding like a man, point it out. A transwoman who is invested in their new sexual identity will recognize the truth of that revelation and immediately disappear.

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