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946 Name-Calling


You're going to get called names while debating. If you respond by getting angry, you lose. If you try to defend yourself, you lose, and though Blocking people admits defeat, if a name-caller persists, you may have to. There's only two ways to handle name-calling: first & easiest, ignore them; just let the name-calling posts scroll by without responding, even if there's an alluring tidbit embedded in them, because once you've legitimized a post by responding to it, you've incorporated the slur into your reputation.

The other way to handle insults is the most fun but you've got to be a troll at heart, and have a lot of self-confidence; simply admit to whatever the accusation is. The most common insults in an SJW world are the easiest to absorb: “Yes, I’m a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist Russian sympathizer.” This tactic even works against brigading, but whatever real thing you might have wanted to say is gone. You've got to sacrifice what might have been a productive line of debate but it's actually kind of funny: “Yes, I'm a moron. I’m a vile, perverted sicko. I’m off my meds. I’m a loser. I’m stupid.” This kind of response, made right after the slur, very often shuts the name-caller up entirely, and there's a chance you could continue debating, but if not, just keep the game going: “Hehe. I'm a donkey. I'm a boot-licking freak. I'm going to get a MAGA hat. I’m a traitor. I'm going to become a Communist & move to Russia. I’m both retarded and have a small penis.” Admit to all the invective, they don't repeat; soon people will see what you're doing and stop; wait a bit after all is quiet then make one final post to rub salt in the wound: “Wasn’t hard to own this thread.”

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