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945 Argument from Authority


Argumentum Ad Verecundiam, Appeal To Authority, is the common debating tactic of invoking an expert to prove you're correct; linking to an article is how it's normally practiced online. It's also a major source of shutting you down via the sanctimony of so-called “fact checking:” you make a statement then somebody throws up a couple links that imply you're uninformed, wrong, or a liar. Today's Google culture has made everyone an expert: Google scientists, Google lawyers, and even Google doctors, abound. If you should be an actual scientist, lawyer, or doctor, don't expect any added credibility for your argument; it can be dismissed with a single link that purports to prove you wrong.

The underlying assumption is that no one is any more of an expert on anything than anyone else. The only way to combat this lack of respect for authority is to first deny links as a presumptive trump card. Declare that since any side of any issue has supporting links, all linking is useless. Make the assertion that since all external authority is suspect, and all debates eventually boil down to your opinion vs. my opinion, let’s only rank our own opinions; state you are a doctor, lawyer, whatever, and expect them to be the same, or they should concede. They won't, of course, they'll use an Ad Hominem attack, cast Suspicion, and begin to Bully you, but anyone reading the thread will grant you your authority and a win.

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