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918 Equality Concepts


We've got to review the highly confused concept of equality:

  1. Biology makes women egalitarian.

  2. The Constitution is based on liberty, the opposite of equality.

  3. Equality under the law is the only equality America guarantees.

  4. Masculine superiority resulting from testosterone will have to be nullified to satisfy egalitarian sensibilities.

  5. From an egalitarian pov, the Gender Pay Gap is real, though not from a liberty perspective.

  6. Feminists, minorities, weirdos & their sympathizers are now the voting majority.

  7. The inevitable direction of democracy feminizes society.

  8. Feminists advance their cause by ignoring boys.

  9. Men are accustomed to quiet desperation because they learn it young.

  10. Male suicide is self-genocide.

  11. Jordan Peterson is vilified because he encourages men to act like men, not women.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.

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