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917 Mentoring Men


There are wise, insightful people who recognize that the shifting societal values are destroying men & boys; the most famous being Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist who tries to reassure young men that the desperation they're feeling is natural, that they're not alone, and that others care and want to help. Peterson came out of nowhere with videos of his lectures on YouTube getting millions of views, presumably by young men desperately grasping for purpose. He explains the situation perfectly, and gives sound, easy to follow advice. To many young men, he is the mentoring father-they never had.

The reason Peterson is a hero is that he is engaging the feminists, minorities & weirdos who are causing all of this angst while no one else seems to be fighting back. He's controversial because he advocates that people be responsible for themselves, which sounds obvious to liberty-minded Americans, but is counter to the egalitarian idea that other people are responsible for you. Peterson tirelessly frequents talk shows, and does book tours all around the world, all-the-while under intense scrutiny by the Leftist media, who are soundly defeated by his calm demeanor & flawless logic. Unfortunately, the stress was enough to crush any man, and Jordan Peterson was too sensitive to endure it forever, and since virtually everyone is a coward or incompetent, there may never again be someone else to take Jordan Peterson's place mentoring men.

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