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916 Genocide by Suicide


Many diseases overwhelmingly affect men; for example, three-quarters of the COVID19 deaths were men but it was hardly mentioned. Imagine if a protected class: women, minorities, or the disabled, were the ones affected? It would be hyped as genocide. But the most egregious statistic is that in the West, four times as many men commit suicide as women, and it's increasing, yet no one says anything about the reasons for it; specifically the feminization of society. If people doubt there is a war between the sexes, male suicide casualties should be proof enough, over 30,000 men a year.

But it's worse than that: The Left seems to take great glee in the failure of young white men in society; every Fentanyl death appears to be a win to them. In fact, since men overwhelmingly use guns to commit suicide, The Left uses that as a reason to justify gun prohibition: men kill themselves with guns so take away their guns, as if that's the problem. The accepted theory of why the suicide rates of men has dramatically increased is that male gender roles are under attack since they emphasize strength, independence, risk-taking, economic status, and individualism; so, in short: it's actually the increase of egalitarianism that drives men to suicide. The solution is obvious, men need a return to liberty.

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