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914 Ignore Boys


Society is rapidly changing; it’s becoming ever-more centered around the needs of girls. Boys are most affected since now they’re raised like girls, and their testosterone has no place to go. Like all intractable problems, rather than do something about it, it's simply easier to ignore boys, especially considering the cognitive dissonance that comes from women’s subconscious disdain for men. In a society that is at war with itself, split along gender lines, boys are sacrificed. One of the arguments for more immigration, legal or not, is that America needs the manpower, literally, because American boys are a lost cause. The institutions dominated by women have decided to abandon even the pretense of caring what happens to boys. In fact, they revel in boy’s downfall because it signals their own rise.

For example, a common complaint of female schoolteachers is that boys won't do as they're told; they won’t sit still; they’re aggressive & competitive; and their antics negatively impact the education of girls. This is all true and will remain so as long as there's a difference in testosterone between the sexes. Wingnut Feminists already recognize this male superpower and demonize testosterone, or its attributes, at every opportunity, with terms like “toxic masculinity.” Women now control the levers of power, so the ultimate result is rather predictable; a call for the literally feminizing boys with anti-testosterone drugs. The Left is ready, just look how accepting they are of transgendering boys to girls.

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