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913 Feminizing Society


The claim has always been that underrepresented groups, women being the most visible, had no power and so were exploited by society. This complaint seemed valid and men adjusted to accommodate the demands of women. Of course things changed but the consequence has been that society is now more a reflection of the needs of women than men, to the point that America's entire liberty underpinnings are threatened. A significant proportion of women vote only for women, regardless of political party, so given time & organization, women will occupy the majority of elected positions. All changes are in the direction that benefits females: egalitarianism in school, workplace, even the home.

Motherhood had always been treated specially, and it made sense since the primary priority of society is to perpetuate itself. Traditionally, it was women & children first when sacrifices had to be made, and men have been willing to take a subservient role. Liberty was also partly responsible because of its live-and-let-live attitude. Women have used this ingrained response of men to actually push them out of their accustomed, and frankly, genetic, role. Men have also been barred their familiar methods of fighting back: no anger, no violence, no aggression; what used to be considered strengths and admired are now derided and discouraged. Instead men are subject to the penalties exacted by women: shunning, shaming, ostracization, cancelling, harping, nagging. Men simply don't know how to respond, except to capitulate, which is what they would do with a stronger male; or ignore; both strategies which eventually end in a feminized society.

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