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912 Feminists, Minorities & Weirdos


Society is going through a major metamorphosis because there's a new power-base; one that's been operating behind-the-scenes for decades but now has so completely infiltrated all aspects of opinion-making, media, entertainment, higher education, & tech; that they have virtual control, and possibly even majority control since it has become fashionable among the youth to support them. They are promulgating new ideas like cosmopolitanism, intersectionality & egalitarianism. This not-so-mysterious group is composed of feminists, minorities & weirdos.

Who are these groups? Feminists need no explanation except to observe that not all woman are feminists. Likewise, a difference in skin color does not determine a minority; they are instead people who have a minority mindset, a determination to exploit skin color for advantage. Weirdos are people who have been left out because they don't fit into the norm; they dress oddly, speak oddly, like odd things or have odd beliefs, and take pride in their weirdness. Organization, browbeating, bullying & Affirmative Action are the way feminists, minorities & weirdos got the extraordinary power they have today, and there doesn't seem to be any way for white males to retake that ground; the law and public opinion is against them, the Democrat party is dominated by them, and even once dependably loyal institutions like the military & judiciary are compromised. Feminists, minorities & weirdos are the new team to beat.

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