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911 Gender Pay Gap


One of the most common unfounded complaints about gender equality is the so-called, gender pay gap. Uber, the personal taxi company, did a study with well over a million participants, under the best of conditions without possibility of subconscious discrimination. Like the national average, there was a 7% pay gap between men and women drivers, yet they had absolutely equal opportunity, but men drove faster, they would drive at night in bad neighborhoods, and work longer hours. Accounting for such performance there is no gender pay gap, and this isn't the only study that concludes that.

But even though the gender pay gap claim has been thoroughly debunked, it won't go away because it's both effective politically, and true if the premise is changed to a from each according to their ability, to each according to their need attitude. Under that assumption, if men are getting paid more than women, for whatever reason, they should give the difference to women until equal. To a person raised on liberty & meritocracy, where a person makes decisions for themselves and reaps the rewards or suffers the consequences of their own actions, this seems totally counter to everything they believe, but to an egalitarian it makes perfect sense. There isn't really a gender pay gap so much as a gender ideology gap.

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