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910 Masculine Superiority


Men have had testosterone dumped into their bloodstream every day since puberty, and the machinery that makes up their bodies was defined by it at birth. It's simply a biological fact that, on average, women can’t compete with men because they simply aren't equal to men, physically or motivationally. Because of testosterone, men are stronger, more competitive, more ambitious, more aggressive, more violent, and a host of other important unequal-making differences. There's usually one woman who can beat a man at something traditionally thought of as masculine but the way Bell Curves work, in the end, a general man is measurably superior to a general woman. Feminists denigrate these superior features as “toxic,” but transwoman actually take advantage of them to dominate in female sports.

The cost of the testosterone advantage is that for all those men who excel, just as many end up with mental illness, suicide & alcoholism. That is not a trade-off most women want to make so they try and deny men their advantage under the guise of equality. Males are going to do what they’re programmed to do; they don’t have much choice in the matter, whereas females have a choice; they can understand the situation and use it, or pretend outrage and keep up a constant drumbeat for equality which leads nowhere productive, and is actually perverse. Let males do masculine things, which are required to make society function efficiently and propel it forward, and let females accept men as are they. Women shouldn't try to compete directly with masculine superiority because testosterone always wins in the end, and always has.

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