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903 Does The Left Controls Corp Boards?


How does a company get a President or CEO who's support of Leftist activism that hurts their business keep their position of authority? The fiduciary responsibility of a company's management is to their stockholders, who are ostensibly represented by the company's Board of Directors. That means, somehow these big companies have had their Boards co-opted because their leadership should have been fired as soon as biased ideological antics started to hurt the bottom-line. For example, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, would be fired if the Board thought news should be unbiased, or he’s losing the company money. Are they so immersed in the Leftism of a big city, and their disdain for the rest of the country so complete, that they become elitist? Is it their wives and daughters at home egging them into egalitarian directions? How are these Boards being manipulated?

You either have control of the narrative or it has control of you. The Rothschild’s know this; that’s why they own Reuters and API. The Democratic Party knows this, and the Deep State knows this; that's why almost all Media corps are Leftist. How come there’s no Righties on those boards? A shareholder revolt can be organized: get 10,000 people buying 100 shares of Disney until there's enough shares to get someone on the Board. Even if that 1 vote couldn't swing decisions, at least they could report what's going on. The Righties in Congress could fight back by targeting their IP & liability protections; corporate tax advantages; and block out those organizations’ lobbyists, attendance at Fed functions, access to the White House, etc. As it is now, The Right is being cast in the roll of Nero.

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