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902 The Long March Through The Institutions


In 1967, German communist student-activist Rudi Dutsche was impressed by the Chinese communist “long march,” referring to Mao's Red army crossing China; and Italian communist organizer, Antonio Gramsci, who described the need for a "war of position" to establish the conditions for an egalitarian revolution. Dutsche combined these two ideas into the slogan, “the long march through the institutions,” which means subverting society by infiltrating its institutions and professions. After the fall of the Soviet Union, when Americans breathed a sigh of relief and let their vigilance against egalitarianism lapse, this unheralded strategy became very effective.

There’s an elephant in the room and we’re all conditioned not to see it. Either all Media, Entertainment, Education & Tech are founded and run by Trump-hating Leftists, with absolutely no diversity of thought, or The Long March Through The Institutions has succeeded so well that no one ever mentions conspiracy; not even any public speculation. To any statistician, the situation is problematic, Jeffrey Epstein-level implausible. How much more likely is it that The Left quietly operated under the radar while The Right was absorbed earning money. In the end, The Left will take all the money, so who’s the genius and who's the fool?

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